Tarot Yes or No

Indecision eats you up inside and you need an answer to solve something? Here you have the perfect solution with the Tarot Yes or No! You can ask all those questions that worry you so much, totally free!

A reading of Tarot cards for YES or NO, will give you an impulse in a few minutes so that you do not get caught in a sea of uncertainty.

Make your Tarot reading Yes or No Accurate

Mentally think about your question and click on 3 cards.

How to ask correct questions in the tarot YES or NO

(How to get the most out of your tarot reading)

If it is the first time that you make a Tarot YES or NO Interactive, one of the most influential aspects of a tarot reading occurs before the reading begins. Asking the right kind of questions can make your tarot readings more accurate, enlightening, and insightful and can help direct you towards your wishes or goals. When we start the run with a poorly asked question, we are likely to get confusing or even depressing answers.

We are going to review some rules to follow when we ask questions to the Tarot cards of the YES or NO, for a correct reading. You can even use this guide as a base to build your own tarot rolls in the future! The same rules generally apply to creating questions for your tarot card runs. In addition we will also give you a list of questions ordered by topics that will be useful to start the Interactive Tarot readings.

Tarot Reading Yes or No – Free Interactive Tarot

Tips for asking questions about Tarot cards YES or NO

If you find that sometimes many questions you ask get “no”, don’t feel stressed! It is often due to lack of knowledge when it comes to getting readings, which can have very different expectations of what a free tarot reading means yes or no, based on what we see in movies or on television.

Often it is enough to try to reformulate the question, use your intuition to try to understand what the soul of the question is really about. Many of the questions in the “no” category tend to scratch the surface of what they are really looking for. On this topic let’s review some of our tips below.

Tarot Questions Yes or No – Free Interactive Tarot

Ask questions that are open-ended.

Although it is often possible to ask questions that can be answered with a simple yes or no during an interactive tarot reading, the tarot often gives us quite complex answers. Getting a clear yes or no – often involves delving into the symbolism of the cards to understand the reasoning behind that yes or no. The letters are rather conversationalists who want to explain and ponder the possibilities.

Incorrect Question: Will I get the job?

Correct Question: How can I advance my career?

Keep your questions in the Tarot reading YES or NO focused on yourself.

Other people are probably the biggest unknown we can have – and naturally, we may be tempted to ask questions about them in our tarot readings. But these questions can be both unethical and unproductive. Asking a question about another person in a tarot card can be an attempt to control what is uncontrollable; we don’t want to promote unhealthy ways to treat anxiety.

Incorrect Question: Does the person I am in love with have feelings for another person?

Right Question: How can I strengthen the bond between the person I love and myself?

When you ask the questions to the Tarot, take responsibility for the situation

Sometimes, as humans, we are tempted to put the responsibility elsewhere when things don’t go as planned, making us victims of our circumstances or the actions of other people.

There are times when this is true – sometimes there are very few things we can do to change our situation. What is also true most of the time is that we can change the way we react and respond to those situations.

When we do an Interactive Tarot Reading, we have the responsibility to guide us to ways of thinking that give us power, not take away the meaning of reading. The way we ask the questions to our tarot cards can make the difference between getting a reading that helps us on our journey towards improvement and evolution of ourselves, or getting one that hinders us.

Incorrect Question: Will I win the lottery?

Correct Question: What can I do to improve my financial situation? What is preventing me from financial success and how can I overcome it?

Keep your Yes or No Tarot questions focused on the present

Despite the tarot’s reputation as a fortune teller, a tarot reading is actually more beneficial when used to focus on the present moment, and on the journey into the future – not on what the future itself.

When we think about what the future holds for us, we must also remember that what we do today shapes that future. An interactive tarot reading helps clarify our choices, and gives us the understanding we need to make the best decisions for ourselves.

Similarly, don’t use the Yes or No tarot readings to ask yourself how things went in the past, or what life might have been like if we had just made that other choice. Those are things that happened and we can no longer change them.

Incorrect Question: Did I do the right thing?

Right Question: What do I have to do right now to get the most out of this situation?

Example of questions from the Yes or No tarot card by type of reading.

Tarot Answers Yes or No – Free Interactive Tarot

In case you need more inspiration to get your creativity flowing, here is a list of questions that we think serve some great tarot readings.

General questions you can ask the Yes or No tarot cards

  • What lesson do I need to learn to overcome my challenges?
  • What is the biggest influence on my life right now?
  • What are my greatest strengths or weaknesses?
  • What is the biggest obstacle that stands in my way right now?
  • What should I focus on right now?

Questions for the tarot rolls of the Yes or No of love

  • How can I strengthen the relationship between my partner and myself?
  • How can I overcome this problem in my partner?
  • What connects us in this relationship?
  • How can I attract a partner?
  • What stands in my way to find love?

Questions for Tarot readings Yes or No about work

  • What actions can I take now to help me advance my work?
  • How can I best communicate with my current employer?
  • What career or line of work can I do that is the most satisfying?
  • What is keeping me from reaching my full potential?
  • When is the right time to make a career change?

Questions about the Tarot readings Yes or No about finances or economy.

  • What is my biggest financial hurdle right now?
  • What is my attitude towards the economy? Where does it come from?
  • How can I find financial success?
  • What can I do to improve my economy?