Tarot of the Angels

Reading the Tarot cards of the Angels will take you on a spiritual journey as you invite angelic beings who only want to love, care for and protect humanity into your space. These readings offer help and advice in all aspects of life, but focus on the spiritual plane. Whatever the challenge you face, a daily read offers positive affirmations and encouragement.

Tarot reading of the angels day

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◁ Kemuel power ▷

This is the angel mediating good and evil. You move in the line that separates the right from the wrong, you must make a great effort not to go astray. Leave the blame behind you, look for the truth to keep moving forward as you meet new challenges. The reverse letter tells you that you do not accept advice and have difficult preconceived ideas to overcome.

◁ Virtue Tarshish ▷

The guardian angel of Jesus Christ. You have the ability to watch over and take care of all your affections. You can defend and shelter each member of your family. It represents the protection that the family needs and therefore, you must take care of providing help to your loved ones in all aspects. This dedication will allow you to achieve rewards and happiness.

◁ Creative Thrones ▷

This card represents someone with innovative ideas and a lot of creativity. When this letter appears inverted, it notifies you of a person with little creativity, who suffers paralysis due to projects initiated that have not come to fruition. You must keep the good creative ideas that can lead you in life. If you lack creativity you should look for it to be your guiding light.

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How are the Tarot cards of the Angels?

The Angels Tarot deck is similar to a deck of cards, but instead of numbers and suits, it has Angelic images that have an associated meaning. They are known as angels’ letters and open doors that allow people to connect with angels for advice or guidance. This deck of cards serves as a tool to call angels directly.

The Tarot cards of the Angels create a beautiful space to communicate directly with one or more angels. The information provided is specific to each person, so a special relationship is formed. There are multiple options to choose from when using an angel card game.

Interactive Tarot of the angels
Tarot Cards of the Angels – Free Interactive Tarot

Additionally, the Angels’ Day Tarot cards are easy to use, help guide, give insight, and provide a foundation for people doing their readings. Conveying messages to those on earth and serving as tools to connect with angels.

Using angelic images to interpret the messages given from above, they help shooters in any problem area such as:

  • Relations
  • Finance
  • Job
  • Health
  • Personal efforts

Whatever your concerns, reading the Free Los Angeles Tarot Day can help you decide with confidence and ease in any aspect of your life.

How is the reading of the Tarot of the Angels read?

This process works in a very simple way; the receiver or seeker asks a question before removing an angel card from the deck. Questions can be open-ended and focus on any specific area of a person’s life. Consequently, the drawing of the cards is guided by angels who use the law of attraction and synchronicity, making sure that the receiver draws the correct cards at the right time. If you feel lost or empty and are looking for answers in your life, reading a letter from angels may be the right solution for you.

How to Read the Tarot Cards of the Interactive Angels

Anyone can make a free interactive Los Angeles Tarot card spread. All the messages you will get offer you guidance in a positive and uplifting way. Once you have sat down in front of the computer and open our page, it is time to prepare in several ways before starting the reading. You will have to take into account the following things:

  • Have a clean space
  • Be prepared for the arrival of angels
  • Ask your questions well
  • Follow your intuition

Step 1: Perform a Los Angeles Tarot spread without distraction

For starters, make sure you’re in a space free of clutter or distractions. A messy room will clog your mind, making it much harder to hear the guidance and suggestions coming from above. Put yourself in a clean place where you can relax and feel comfortable and at ease. If you are under the influence of a stimulus it is better to do the reading at another time since it can affect the reading. Similarly, if you feel disoriented, roll once your mind is clear.

Sit comfortably in front of the computer, if you want you can add some crystals or fresh flowers to feel more comfortable. Another suggestion is to use an incense stick with your favorite scent. This will infuse the air around you and help you work more comfortably. The main goal here is to be relaxed before you start to draw cards.

Step 2: Invite angels into your space

The next step is to wait for the arrival of the angels inviting them to your space. The cards will be shuffled automatically when accessing the page. If there is a specific Archangel or Spiritual Guide with whom you feel protected and with whom you can connect more easily, call him. Do this by taking a deep breath, relaxing your shoulders and focusing your energy on the angels’ tarot cards. Simply let the angels know that you welcome them and that you are seeking guidance and advice.

Tarot of the angels interactive
Angelic Cards – Free Interactive Tarot

Step 3: Ask the angels your question

When you feel ready, ask a question before selecting a card from the deck. Each letter has a picture and a special message that will relate to your question. Make sure your questions are well formulated; Making a list of the questions you need answers to before you start is one of the best options. As you draw the cards, your uncertainties will be answered with advice or suggestions.

Step 4: Follow your intuition

Finally, follow your intuition as you select your cards. Remember that these are just a tool for a deeper connection with your angel. Analyzing each letter carefully and taking a moment to really let the words and image come together will help you interpret the message by seeing what your angelic figure is trying to tell you. Intuitively, choose as many cards as you think necessary.

Guide to ask the questions correctly to the Tarot of the Angels

Anyone who wants to interpret their own Los Angeles Tarot spread should avoid the simple “Yes / No” questions. Letters are a means of discovering future opportunities, for example: “What will that relationship be like in the future?” But they are not a tool of prophecy, for example: “Will my future partner love me, yes or no?” It is vital that you ask the right questions when you want to interpret the Tarot cards of the Angels yourself.

Incorrect questions to the Tarot of the Angels

Don’t ask the cards this way! Don’t ask when you just expect “Yes / No” for an answer.

  • Should I start a relationship with him / her?
  • Should I ask for a loan?
  • Should I buy a new car?
  • Will I continue without a partner next year?

Correct Questions to the Tarot of the Angels

These are some examples of questions that will help you interpret the future.

  • What will next month be like?
  • What to expect from tomorrow’s meeting?
  • How can I improve my bad reputation?
  • What can I do to successfully exit the interview tomorrow?