Tarot of the Angels

This tarot will take us on a spiritual journey in which the angelic beings (angels) who will help us protect humanity, and only want us to love and take care of us, can join. The tarot of the angels will give us advice and help us in all kinds of problems, but it is true that it is more focused on the spiritual part.

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Interactive Tarot of the Angels
Thrones the Foreigners

◁ Thrones the Foreigners ▷

He is the one who announces changes. It is the representation of the power of a person’s mind. Someone who comes from afar will arrive to settle. If this card appears upside down it symbolizes someone with a confused mind and danger of falling into dangerous addictions. You must rely on your mental capacity to avoid addictions and vices that harm you.

Interactive Tarot of the Angels
Power Camael

◁ Power Camael ▷

This is the angel of duality and reconciliation. It symbolizes the balance of a person but also the ambiguity in their decisions. In the case of appearing inverted, this letter refers to a person with dishonesty. Within you is the ability to cope with life’s difficulties and you must find a way to stay focused.

Interactive Tarot of the Angels
Zadkiel Domination

◁ Zadkiel Domination ▷

The angel of mercy. It is the figure of altruism and personal disinterest in favor of others. Therefore, if it appears the other way around, it represents the embodiment of selfishness. You must compensate your resources to be able to assist those who need it with disinterest. You must abandon selfishness and deception in your life to progress in your path harmoniously.

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The tarot cards of the angels are very similar to the cards of a normal deck, only that they do not contain the corresponding suits of the rational deck nor are they numbered, and their illustrations are angelic images that each has a meaning associated with it. The tarot of the angels is known by this name because it helps us to connect with the angels so that they give us their advice or simply guide us, these cards are also a very useful way to have direct communication with the angels.

These daily tarot cards of the angels are very easy to use, they guide us and help us see how the readings are carried out, communicating messages to the people of the earth that in turn serve to connect with them.

No matter what worries you, with the daily tarot reading of the angels you will get the answer you need with the utmost peace of mind and confidence.

Interactive Tarot of the angels
Angelic Cards – Free Interactive Tarot

How do you make a tarot card reading of the angels?

It is done in the simplest way, the consultant will ask a question before choosing a card from the deck, these questions can be general or on a specific topic, the images of the cards will guide us through our angel, this through attraction and the consultant will draw the corresponding letters at all times. There are times when we feel a bit out of place and we need answers in life, with the tarot reading of the angels we can find the correct solution.

Tarot of the angels interactive
Angels Tarot Cards – Interactive Tarot online

How do you have to interpret a tarot card reading of the angels?

Anyone can do a tarot card reading of the angels, the messages we get will guide us in an effective positive way. You have to prepare before a reading, and take into account:      

  • Questions have to be clear
  • Make it a clean space
  • We have to follow our intuition
  • Be ready to receive the angels that visit us

Step 1: when this roll is made we need to be as focused as possible.

We will have to make sure that where the run is carried out is an orderly place and with nothing to interfere with, since disorder, for example, would make us not have a clear enough mind or we are a little disoriented, it will be very difficult for us to listen to what the angels what they want to communicate to us. If where you are going to do the reading there is something that could make you lose concentration, better leave it for another time because the reading may not be correct.

Feel comfortable, you can put fresh flowers or crystals in your environment to feel more relaxed and better, you can also use an incense stick of the aroma that we like the most, all this will make the air around us make us feel more comfortable to start with the reading of cards.

Step 2: We will provide the angels to share our space.

The next thing we have to do is give the angels our space, if we have an Archangel or Guide with whom we feel better, and we connect easily we should do it, then we will breathe wave, relax our muscles and direct the energy towards the cards, we only have to let the angels know that they are welcome to our space and that we need their advice and guidance.

Step 3: The questions have to be clear and concise.

When we have completed all the previous steps, that is, have a quiet place, etc. and we are prepared to connect with the angels, then we will ask the question and then we will choose a card. The chosen card will have an image and will mean something special that is related to the question asked, for this reason it is important that the question is clear and concise, we can also point out a series of questions that we need an answer, and while letters are coming out in the we will get a response and some advice if the angels deem it convenient.

Step 4: Intuition

It is the last step we have to follow and no less important, we must follow our intuition when choosing the cards, since these cards are a way to connect deeply with our angel. We must take the necessary time so that the words and images have their connection and we can know the message that the angels want to convey to us.