Tarot of Work

You are going to spend many years of your life working, so you had better be comfortable while you are at your job! How do you know you have the job you deserve, or is it time to find a better one? Do you have to accept everything they order you to do, or should you demand that they respect you more? Are you going to have that promotion that you want so much in the coming months?

In this Free and Interactive Job Tarot we provide you with insight and guidance on how to get the most out of your working life, you don’t need to be an expert reader to find the answers. We have done the difficult part, creating the answers according to your selection. All you have to do is focus on your question and select three cards, we will do the rest, providing you with insight and guidance on what professional decision you can make!

Free Job Tarot Reading

With our Free Job Tarot Reading you can make your queries every day, simply choosing the three cards guided by your intuition and that will give you an overview on the job level. You must choose the first for the past, the second for the present, and the third for the future, in that order.

Relax, close your eyes and choose three cards

◁ The Hierophant ▷

With the Hierophant, you’ll find success from working with others right now. This can sometimes mean also choosing to not rock the boat, and staying on the tried and true path. With so many variables when it comes to work, it may be better to stay safe for now. This card can also signal that group cohesion rather than individuality can be more important at the moment. Sometimes, the Hierophant can also signify a more senior mentor that can be a helpful aid in you progressing through your career. The card is also representative of education, meaning that a time of learning, whether through a school or vocational training, can be helpful for you.

◁ The Emperor ▷

Your career may be flourishing due to your hard work, concentration and organized approach. The Emperor calls on you to be disciplined, efficient and persistent when it comes to getting what you want out of your job, or job search. If your office, or your work process is a bit chaotic or frustrating right now, it may be helpful for you to step up and introduce new methodologies or structures that can help you and your teammates collaborate more efficiently. This card can also point to having a more senior colleague or boss that can provide you with support and advice in your career.

◁ The Magician ▷

There are likely to be opportunities in your midst, and you may be able to harness them if you take decisive action. The Magician is the card of manifestation, meaning should you have the desire and commitment to pursue whatever it is you want in your career, you’re likely to find success. Look behind any successful person, and you’ll likely find intense willpower and drive; this is the root of all ambition. The same goes if you’re looking to start a business; harness that drive, and keep it motivated to manifest your dream career. Sometimes, if this card represents another person, such as a colleague or business partner, you may want to approach with caution, as they may not be everything they appear to be.

Flip all cards

How to make a Free Work Tarot roll correctly?

Reading the Tarot cards for Work and Business predicts your future by reading the cards. Each prediction or card selection may not indicate the same result. Accuracy depends on your intention and concentration at the time of selection. Therefore, it is very important to focus a lot to achieve the most significant result.

When you are ready, increase concentration, close your eyes, breathe deeply for 1 or 2 minutes until you feel calm and relaxed. Then, open your eyes and choose your three Interactive Tarot cards.

If the time is not convenient, you are busy or you are in a hurry and you cannot concentrate, we recommend that you continue and finish the tasks at hand and return to this page to do your free reading of the Tarot cards when it is ready and you have time to look into your soul.

Interactive Work Tarot
Professional Tarot Reading – Free Interactive Tarot

Predicting the future by reading the Work Tarot

The difficult part of worrying in our society is succeeding in our career. Centuries ago, people didn’t care as much about their work and professional success.But now, to learn how to manage your time well, you need to have a spirit of careful analysis and be able to predict the events that may happen in your work environment and the behavior you have to carry when the time comes.

If you don’t have these qualities, in your nature, don’t worry, tarot cards can help you determine where to focus your attention and your efforts to succeed. Ask a specific question to the tarot cards of work and discover what she wants for you and your loved ones.

Examples of Common Tarot Questions for Work

What job opportunities should I consider currently?

This letter gets to the point and shows you what your options are. Think carefully about what you want from your work, as that will have a great influence on what this letter reveals to you. This letter does not necessarily mean you have to change jobs, nor is it a guarantee that the job you have will continue to be good for you. This letter shows you your options; If you want to stay where you are, it will bring out circumstances that you may not have considered. If you’re ready for a change, this letter will show you what to consider before making any life-changing decisions.

Will the money come to my life very soon?

That’s the question everyone wants to know, right? If it were so easy! However, depending on the position in which each card is presented, it will show you what its possibilities are. If it is a positive card full of abundance and good fortune, then you can be sure that things are working in your favor. If the letter is not positive, do not take it too seriously.

When a negative letter comes out in the reading, it is showing you that there is work to be done, or a change of plan may be necessary to reach your goals again. Pay close attention also to negative letters.

If you are positive, good times are coming, work even harder! There is usually no quick fix when it comes to solving money issues and career choices.

Interactive Work Run
Success at Work – Free Interactive Tarot

What allies or obstacles will I face on the path to economic independence?

It’s one thing to be in a job you like, but always struggling to pay your bills. Another thing is having enough income, but not being satisfied with what you do. This letter shows you the way forward so that you can express your heart’s desires and keep your wallet comfortably full.

It is an indication of the things to come, and a look at the potential outcome and sometimes the people who will help and hinder you on your way to success. Nothing is set in stone, however, and it’s up to you how you respond to the advice the letters have to share with you. Your situation will not improve just because it is written on the tarot. Actually, you have to do your best in teamwork to really improve your position.