Tarot of Work

The interactive work tarot will help us to see and guide so that we can do the most beneficial work possible. With this tarot it is very easy to know what the cards are telling us, that is, we will need a lot of concentration and be very clear about what we are going to ask and then we will take 3 cards, everything else will be interpreted by us and we will be able to make the most appropriate decision.

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Relax, think about your question and choose three cards

◁ Temperance ▷

Patience and moderation may be helpful tools for you to achieve your career goals. You are likely to find what you desire when it comes to your work, but it may come slowly and quietly as you put in the work every day. Your dedication and ability to navigate emotionally charged situations at work with calm can help you be noticed by your peers and superiors. When it comes to making changes in your career path, the Temperance card can be a reminder to remain patient, steady and devoted; all good things take time. Temperance can also signal doing a good job in balancing your career with different aspects of your life; it is neither an all consuming ambition or just a paycheck to you.

◁ The Fool ▷

New beginnings are on their way, when the Fool appears in your career tarot reading. If you’ve been looking to start a new career path, change jobs, get a promotion, or even start your own venture, the Fool can be a welcome card to begin your new journey. Even if no new drastic changes are coming your way or planned, this card can feel like a fresh breath of air into old projects. You can be filled with new energy, and new innovative ideas can be put into action now. What is important now is to be very aware of the opportunities that are there, and have the courage to take them when they appear.

◁ Strength ▷

If you could harness your animalistic instincts; your anger, your drive and passion, you can take big steps in your career. This doesn’t mean to let these instincts take over, but rather work in harmony with them, or channel them into productive use. Here is where you’ll be able to find your power; this card signals that you likely already have the talent and the skill, you only need to muster your courage to make big moves. If you’re looking for a promotion, do something to get noticed. If you’re looking to change your entire career, take the plunge and do it. If you’re dreaming about starting your own business, push yourself to take those next steps and just start.

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How to make a tarot reading of work so that it can be interpreted correctly?

The main thing in a spread and subsequent reading is the concentration of the moment, so we can do a tarot reading of work and know how this is going to go for us and even in business as well, but we must be careful because each card reading may not to say the same.

When you are ready and in full concentration, we will close our eyes, we will breathe deeply several times until we achieve complete tranquility and relaxation, once this is completed we can open our eyes and we will choose three tarot cards of the work.

It is important that at the time of reading we are as relaxed and concentrated as possible, if not, it is better that we leave the reading for another time and finish what has our mind occupied first.

Interactive Work Tarot
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How to guess what can happen to us in the future with the tarot cards at work?

It is essential in life to know how our career is going to go, our ancestors did not notice how their work was going to go, instead now they have to know how to take care of their time, it is important that the spirit of analysis is very careful and we are able to know what things can happen to us in our work and how we should react at all times.

If you do not have those natural qualities that life gives you, nothing happens, although it will be a bit more complicated but the letters will help you to know where we should guide attention, and with a little effort on our part we will have guaranteed success. We must ask a specific question to the tarot cards of work and as clear as possible, thus we will obtain the answer we want for ourselves and even from our loved ones.

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What type are the most common tarot questions at work?

In my financial independence, what obstacles or partners will I have to face?

There are two very different things, one that does the job because they like to fight for a good remuneration and another is having a job in which we are not satisfied, but we have an extraordinary remuneration. In this case, the letters will guide us along the path we have to take so that both our hearts and our economy are happy and satisfactory.

Everything is the beginning of what the future holds for us, we must see the result of the effort made, but we will also be careful with the people who help us and hinder the path to success. Nothing is set in stone, but it all depends on us how we react to the advice that the cards tell us, the tarot will not improve our situation, but we can be attentive to certain things that they tell us to try to solve them at all more let us have the intuition that they can happen.

Will the money come to my life soon?

It is one of the most frequent questions that everyone wants to know, but well as letters go out we will have to look at the position they have and according to this they will have a meaning that will tell us the possibility that the money will reach us or not. If the letter that comes out first is positive, we will not have to worry, everything will be abundance and an excellent fortune, everything will go wonderfully for us, but if, on the contrary, it comes out negative, there are many stages to overcome in life.

When the negative letter appears in a reading, they will be warning us not to get confused that there are things to solve at work, or that there may be a change that is necessary to be able to solve the problem that exists and be able to achieve our goal You have to be very attentive to negative letters because they are important too.

On the other hand, if the cards are positive, everything is going well, but we have to be distracted because everything can change at any time a lot of attention.

Should I consider any job opportunity as the most important?

The cards are direct and they will tell us what options we have at the moment, we must be careful when it comes to work as it will be related to what the work tarot cards reveal to us, it does not mean that We have to change jobs, it does not assure us that we will have it for our entire lives, but it gives us options so that we can stay with our work but we must bear in mind that circumstances that we did not have on their appearance may come to light. On the other hand, if you have to make a change, the cards will tell us what to do before making the decision about this change in our life.