Tarot Yes or No

Does despair anguish you and do you need to know a quick answer? Well, here is the solution with the Yes or No tarot, just asking the clear question about what worries you will get a quick answer.

Do your Tarot reading Yes or No True

Mentally think about your question and click on the free tarot card

Interactive tarot yes or no

◁ Death ▷

The answer is… No

Interactive tarot yes or no
The Hanged Man

◁ The Hanged Man ▷

The answer is… No

Interactive tarot yes or no

◁ Strength ▷

The answer is… Yes

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How should one ask the questions in the oracle of yes or no?

To make a good reading of the tarot quite accurate, if it is the first time that we do it with 3 cards, we must concentrate very well on the question that we are going to ask, so that the answer that the oracle gives us is correct, why not formulate clearly the question we will have a somewhat doubtful and incomplete answer.

Tarot Reading Yes or No
Tarot Reading Yes or No – Free Interactive Tarot

¿ How questions correct in the tarot yes or no?

When sometimes the questions we ask give us an answer of NO, nothing happens, this may be due to a lack of knowledge about the spread of 3 cards. But there is no need to worry, it is easily solved by rephrasing the question in another way and also using our intuition, we will be able to understand the real substance of the question. For this reason, we must follow a guideline so that the reading comes out correctly.

Tarot Questions Yes or No
Tarot Questions Yes or No – Free Interactive Tarot

Open questions should be asked, although questions are usually asked that can be answered with a yes or no answer and in most of the times it will give us a somewhat complex answer. To obtain a clear yes or no we will have to delve into the symbols of the cards in order to know what it really means to us, therefore the cards have to convince us and explain to us through their symbols the possibilities that we have for our problem. A poorly formulated question would be:

Incorrect Question: Will I have a trip?

Correct Question: At some point to be able to take a trip?

Interactive tarot yes or no
Tarot Answers Yes or No – Free Interactive Tarot

Focus your questions on the present moment

Other people are probably the biggest unknown we can have – and naturally, we may be tempted to ask questions about them in our card runs. But these questions can be both unethical and unproductive.

Asking a question about another person in a yes or no tarot card may be an attempt to control what is uncontrollable; do not use the yes or no tarot reading to find out what happened in the past or how you might see it happen if you had made another choice. All this is part of what has already or happened and it is no longer possible to change it.

Incorrect Question: Did I do the right thing?

Correct Question: What can I do in this present to make the
most of this situation?